Stockboy 1.5

Stockboy it is a funny and entertainment puzzle game for kids

Stockboy contains :
- Employee Training mode features 50 levels exploring the huge variety of tricks, traps, and puzzles you must solve.
- StockRoom mode has 52 more levels, putting your puzzle-solving skills to the test - can you become Employee Of The Year??
- Blow up tons of barrels at once to earn big combo bonuses.
- Besides using Bombs, try out the Laser, Detonator, and Acid, among other perfectly standard stockboy tools.
- Buy new modes and characters in the Gift Shop with your hard-earned Star Points.
- Once you've bought everything, you'll have well over 150 levels to play, including several 'arcade style' modes you'll come back to again and again to beat your high scores!
- The unique Profile system allows everybody in your family to store their own progress separately, as well as their own controls and even give their character its own unique appearance.
- The built-in Level Editor will have you cranking out your own fiendish puzzles in minutes!
- You can have Stockboy automatically download all the new Add-On Levels made by other fans, so you never miss any!

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